Transfer to Friend

Even when you are alone, a real friend’s presence is always felt. And thanks to the new "Transfer to Friend" feature, the friendly support becomes more palpable. Now you can make transfers (i.e. the participant can transfer (give) the right for making bets to a friend) to the game accounts of the participants of totalizator "International bookmaker – TotoGaming” and be beside each other at any time.

Who can make a transfer to a friend

You can transfer or get the right for making bets from any other active account of the Sports section.


How to make a transfer to a friend

From theory to practice. In order to use the "Transfer to Friend" feature, you need to do the following:


Enter the "Transfer to Friend" section of the Sports section on the site,


Enter your friend's ID, amount of the transferable right for making bets, transfer code (a code that will be sent to your friend's e-mail in order to confirm the procedure) and security code,


Read and accept the "Terms of Agreement". You can read the terms of the agreement following the active link. You can read the terms of the agreement only after filling in your friend's details,


The user, to whom the right for making bets was transferred, must go to "Transfer to Friend", enter the transfer code (which he received to his e-mail), and after reading and accepting the "Terms of Agreement", click on the "Receive" button.


Only those participants, who have been identified, can make transfers to a friend.

The participant, who made a transfer to a friend, can cancel the transfer before his friend accepts it.

The user, who receives a transfer, must enter the transfer code within 24 hours, otherwise the transfer will be canceled.

The right, which was received through "Transfer to Friend" for making bets, can’t be used for any other purposes.

The transferred amount is credited to the game account as a bonus. To withdraw this amount or transfer it to your Sports/Casino account, you need to wager it 1 time.